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Examples of induced fit transitions: movies using morphing (snapshots)

We have generated movies for a set of well-known classical textbook examples of the "induced fit" phenomenon:

Adenylate kinase: QuicktimeAVIAnimated_GIF
Hexokinase: QuicktimeAVIAnimated_GIF
Bacillus DNA polymerase: QuicktimeAVIAnimated_GIF

These movies were generated using a method due to Kim and coll. (see below), which also uses the concept of Elastic Network Model.
We have implemented it in Fortran and it can be run here (submit a job using the menu on the left); it runs much faster than the original method, thanks to a trick due to Patrice Koehl:

Details on the method can be found in the following publication:
Kim M.K., Jernigan R.L., Chirikjian G.S.
Efficient generation of feasible pathways for protein conformational transitions. Biophys J. (2002) 83:1620-30. Ref.

See also UMMS recent site web by the same authors.

Once you have the snapshots generated by the job of this option, you can make a movie (GIF) using a Cshell script like this one

  Marc Delarue http://lorentz.dynstr.pasteur.fr
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