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Examples of Normal Modes Analysis on large molecular complexes (Movies)

A typical example from Citrate Synthase (6CSC) that is directly readable by PyMol can be found here (mode #7).

Get mode_7.pdb on your disk and install Pymol (downloadable here) if you don't already have it and then type:
pymol mode_7.pdb

and play the movie by using the bottom right menu.

You can get a nicer view by clicking first A in the top right menu, then Preset, then Publication.

Alternatively, you may download and look at the movie with VMD.

Here is an animated-GIF Movie of the same molecule.

Use the following two commands to generate a C-alpha trace movie with PyMOL:
1) pymol mode_1.pdb
Pymol>set cartoon_trace, 1
Pymol>show cartoon
2) Then change colors and play the movie...

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