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Homes of authors

Visit Marc Delarue web site.

Visit Erik Lindahl web site.

Related links

Visit Yves-Henri Sanejouand web site: his RTB code may be downloaded from here.

Visit Karsten Suhre web site and his ElNemo web site for on-line Normal Mode calculations.
See also NORMA for flexible fitting in EM maps.

Visit Patrice Koehl web site in particular for side-chain atoms and missing main-chain atoms reconstruction from just a CA-trace.

Visit Konrad Hinsen web site and his MMTK Tools.

Visit Viper web site at Scripps for structures of viral particles.

Other site(s) of interest

Visit Solvate to mutate and solvate a protein.

Visit Webnm@ for Normal Mode calculations in Norway.

Visit AD-ENM for Normal Mode calculations (NIH).

Visit ANM from I. Bahar's lab for Normal Mode calculations with Jmol animations.

  Marc Delarue http://lorentz.dynstr.pasteur.fr
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