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Construct a coarse-grained representation of a DNA/RNA molecule

Here we just select three beads for the phosphodiester backbone (P, C1', C4') and three or two beads (C2, C5 and possibly C8) for the base, depending on the base itself.

Your email adress: (Recommended, for notification)

Job title: (Only alphanumerical characters, no space)

PDB file to be checked Ex: tRNA

Input data formats

  • The job title is just for your own identification, but note that it will show up in the public job queue (but your results will not be public).

  • The coordinate file should be in PDB format, with only a single structure (no multiple models). Atoms marked with alternate residue conformation flags will be removed. Heteroatoms (HETATM) will be copied to the output file.

  Marc Delarue http://lorentz.dynstr.pasteur.fr
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